About Us

The R&G Software was formed in 2013, first under the name of R&G Games back then. In the beginning we developed mobile applications and games mainly for the Windows Phone platform which was a novelty at the time. After that as we expanded our horizons we started to develop our  applications for the ever growing Android platform. In the past years, hundreds of thousands people choose the games and applications developed by us.

In 2014 we started to develop applications and games for the PC. In early 2015 one of our games made it into the publishing phase on the Steam market.

Nowadays we are working on different VR (Virtual Reality) projects, mainly on mobile platforms.

We are a two man team, Galgoczki Pal and Rapi Adam. We are both the game designers and the programmers in our team and we work together and combine both of our ideas to create our games. We create a portion of the 3D assets and artwork as well.