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Project Solar Flame

Project Solar Flame is a story based, sci-fi, puzzle game in which you play as a wreck hunter who lands on a deserted military space station with the hope of finding his fortune.
The game mechanics are based around a legmounted miniature rocket and a gravity and energy manupulating tool.
The puzzles are a bit harder than the usual and they often require a bit of foresight. For example: Moving and combining objects and tools in multiple separate places to solve them.
In Project Solar Flame there are no stated objectives, the player must assess the situation using the clues from terminal logs and notes then conclude what needs to be done to solve the problem.
The decision that the player makes during gameplay will affect how the story unfolds and the ending of the game. In the space station the player can choose different paths to progress through it and face challanges that will be different on each path.

Status: under development

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Project Solar Flame


Fleeting Ages

Fleeting Ages features a never seen gameplay element in other sandbox games which will ensure the feeling of being an important figure of the game world. You can make permanent changes in the world of Fleeting Ages which will affect every aspect of the game. Experience the different ages from the prehistoric era to the Industrial era on the same map and observe as they transition into each other. 
Shape the world around you and observe how it will affect the hostile enemies and their behavior, the weapons they use, the houses they build and the clothes they are wearing in the different ages that you triggered to shift. 


The Last Zombie Hunter

Hunt down as many zombie as possible before they kill you. Be the best zombie hunter in the world.
The game available in normal and VR mode.


Shark Hunter 3D

Hunt down as many white sharks as you can before the time runs out. Chase the sharks with your ship then shoot them down with your speargun. Complete the objective to move to the next challange. Be the best shark hunter on the sea.


Pool Duck Hunt 3D

Your pool is infested by yellow rubber ducks. Shoot down as many of them with your rocks as you can. Move the crosshair by tilting your device then tap to shoot. If you hit your target you won't lose the stone you used. Share your high score with the in built facebook share function.


Air Race 3D

Be the best air race pilot in the history. Complete the the various challanges in your plane to advance to the next race track or to unlock new planes. Fly through the gates while doing the trick that is required. The gates are color coded so you can easily prepare for the trick. Complete every gate and get to the finish line to win the race. Share your score to unlock more levels and planes.