Contract Development

About us:
Our team's main focus was game and application development in the past few years. In this timeframe we developed for mobile platforms and for PC and we accumulated a lot of experience in this field. Our team members participated in more than fifty different project combined.

For Indie developers:
We know how hard is to start out as an indie developer and that finding help is usually costs more than you can afford so we tried to design our services in a way that will be as accesible and feature complete as possible.

Our main fields of expertise:
Our team members are most versed in Java and C# development and they are really familiar with the Unity 3D engine because they use it on a daily basis but we can help you with confidence in a number of other fields too if needed.

Our services:

  • game and application development (precisely how you want it to be)
  • programming (partial or full code for your game or application)
  • code and performance optimization (for a specific platform or engine)
  • user interface and user experience optimization (and counselling)
  • project planning and counselling (viability, choosing an engine etc.)
  • game and application testing as a fellow developer
    •  spotting problems and fixing them if needed
    •  (only for games) spotting problems in the gameplay, balance or in the optimization or searching for other flaws (counselling, fixing the problems)
    •  (only for games) testing the level design

Our goal is to offer valuable help and accesible services to anyone who needs it.

A few projects we worked on:

       Project Solar Flame
       Fleeting Ages
       Shark Hunter 3D
       Ghost Mine VR
       Forklift Simulator 3D

Contact us: